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Some important tips for a perfect combustion of your candles...

For the first lighting, it is very important to let all the wax on the surface melt to avoid what is called "a tunnel effect", i.e. a hole which will form in the center of the candle and which will sinking as the ignitions.
The creation of this first "complete pool" can take between 3h to 4h, so take this into account the day you decide to inaugurate your candle!

To perfect the combustion of the candle, it is also advisable not to let it burn for more than 4 hours at a time, this will prevent your wick from creating a mushroom on the end. The mushroom can cause an unstable wick, overburn (and huge flame) and allow soot to spread through the air and around your candle glass. 


Do you still have a small mushroom? It's okay, blow out your candle, wait for the wax to dry completely and with a wick trimmer (or pair of scissors, or even your fingers) trim the cotton wick to 7-8mm. This also applies if you have no mushrooms, but it seems to you that the wick is very long and its flame is large and flickers.

The stones infused in your candle will of course melt into the wax as it burns,  don't panic! You will always benefit from the virtues of the crystals and will be able to recover them when your candle is finished ;)

However, a tumbled stone may slide too close to a wick and prevent it from burning well. Carefully and with a non-flammable tool, release the wick and enjoy your candle (be careful not to burn yourself!) 

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