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alismans Candles is the result of a passion that harmoniously blends the benefits of crystal healing with the soothing allure of scented candles.

Lithotherapy, a well-being practice, harnesses the properties of crystals to balance the body and mind, promoting both physical and mental wellness. Each stone works on specific energy points, offering unique benefits and virtues.

As for candles, many brands still sell scented candles with toxic emissions, be it in the wax composition or fragrance used. With Talismans Candles, you're assured of acquiring artisanal products sourced locally or from ethical businesses. Our candles use a plant-based wax blend of coconut and soy, along with fragrant oils free from CMRs, phthalates, and animal-derived ingredients. Authentic crystals are sourced by French importers who personally select stones to ensure their quality. Even our packaging and shipping boxes are eco-friendly.

These candles have been crafted for diverse uses, whether for rituals, meditations, self-care, yoga sessions, or simply as decorations to create a soothing ambiance. The virtues and properties of each candle are detailed in the online store (and an explanatory card will be included with your order).

Whether it's for self-celebration or as a gift, Talismans Candles offer you a unique olfactory journey and an unparalleled well-being experience.

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