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L'Hermite is a candle to dive into the depths of one's soul, for better self-knowledge, to the search for answers. Get naked in front of a mirror, celebrate your qualities and learn to accept and tame his demons. On floral and oriental notes of Red Fruits, Musk and Tonka Bean.

Celestial Eye Black Obsidian is a natural stone that awakens the dark and unknown parts of our soul. Its high and powerful spiritual power allows us to reach higher levels of consciousness to get in touch with our soul and our past lives. When coming face to face with your inner self, it is important to keep a mindset of love and positivity and to love your Light as well as your Darkness.


All candles are handmade, in soy wax with scented oils certified free of CMR, phthalates and animal materials.


Since the stones are unique, the candles you receive will be slightly different than those shown in the photos above.


NB: Your candles can contain between 1 and 3 tumbled stones according to their sizes and weights. Large and heavy stones could prevent an optimal combustion of the candle.

L'HERMITE "Introspection" - Obsidian, Red Fruits, Musk and Tonka Bean

SKU: 0008
PriceFrom €35.00
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