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La Grande Prêtresse is a mystical and divinatory candle to guide you to introspection, concentration and meditation. The oriental and spicy notes of Incense, Cashmere wood and Vetiver will transport you to a healthy and pious place, to better help you let go and connect to the spiritual state.

Amethyst is a quartz connected to the Crown Chakra (connected to introspection and spirituality) which allows you to purify yourself negative energies and emotions accumulated through cleansing the body and mind. By calming all distracting thoughts, it will allow you to more easily access a state of meditative tranquility.
Use this candle during your meditation sessions or yoga to facilitate connection with your enlightened and spiritual state.


All candles are handmade, in soy wax with scented oils certified free of CMR, phthalates and animal materials.


Since the stones are unique, the candles you receive will be slightly different than those shown in the photos above.


NB: Your candles can contain between 1 and 3 tumbled stones according to their sizes and weights. Large and heavy stones could prevent an optimal combustion of the candle.

LA GRANDE PRÊTRESSE "Meditation" - Amethyst, Incense & Cashmere Wood

SKU: 0003
PriceFrom €35.00
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