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Mini Fragrance Diffusers are small, elegant bottles that are ideal for sanitizing and perfuming small places such as the car (no more quadruple fragrance trees hanging from your rear-view mirror), wardrobes or even small bathrooms.


Infused with crystal gravels with beneficial properties, your fragrance diffuser is powerful enough to scent your favorite places for several weeks!


Set off on warm and exotic notes with the Mini Fragrance Diffuser Monoï, Vanilla & Jasmine, infused with gravels of Amazonite, stone of communication, relaxation and relaxation.


Mini Fragrance Diffuser of 5gr

Perfumes: Monoï, Vanilla & Jasmine

Stones: Amazonite gravel


All Talismans Candles products are carefully prepared by hand using quality materials. Designed using a solvent made from a renewable source, it also includes Grasse perfume oils guaranteed to be free of phthalates, carcinogens and animal traces.

Sold with printed pouch.

Mini Diffuser Monoï, Vanilla & Jasmine - Amazonite Gravel

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