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Le Magicien "Creativity and Self-Confidence" speaks for itself: it will boost your creativity and your self-confidence to allow you to better tackle your professional and personal projects, your challenges and daily challenges. Stimulate your creative being and free yourself from the chains with the fresh and green notes of Mint, Green Tea and Musk.

Carnelian is one of the main stones connected to the sacral chakra and known to awaken and intensify creativity and courage. It absorbs the negative energies of those around it and returns harmony, strength and self-confidence to better cope with our desires and our environment.
Choose these melts if you have unfinished personal or professional projects or if your lack of belief in yourself is putting obstacles in your way of life.

Metal box of melts "Le Magicien" of 100gr
Stones: Carnelian Gravel
Fragrance Notes: Mint, Green Tea & Musk


All melts are handmade, in coconut and soy wax with scented oils certified without CMR, phthalates and animal materials.


Since the stones are unique, the melts you receive will be slightly different than the ones shown in the photos above.


The melts can be purchased with or without the oil burner (the burner comes with a tealight candle that burns for 4 hours).

Melts Le Magicien

PriceFrom €12.00
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