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La Force is a candle that calls for strength and inner power to regenerate you in times of intense physical and mental fatigue and loss of motivation. Raise your vibratory rate by combining the virtues of Tiger's Eye with the sweet and warm notes of Honey, Tobacco and Amber.

Tiger's Eye is a stone that retains positive energies by balancing the yin yang of its host. It soothes all forms of fear, dispels restlessness and depression, and raises consciousness. Stones of great protection, they have the strength to reflect negative energies like a mirror and give great self-confidence.
This candle is intended for anyone who needs the strength of the tiger to regain the courage and motivation to accomplish their life path.


All candles are handmade, in coco wax with scented oils certified free of CMR, phthalates and animal materials.


Since the stones are unique, the candles you receive will be slightly different than those shown in the photos above.


NB: Your candles can contain between 1 and 3 tumbled stones according to their sizes and weights. Large and heavy stones could prevent an optimal combustion of the candle.

LA FORCE "Energy and Motivation" - Tiger Eye, Honey, Tobacco & Amber

SKU: 0006
PriceFrom €35.00
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