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Home & Textile Room Sprays by Talismans Candles offer you the possibility of sanitizing your interior with perfumed waters purified with crystal gravel.


The Room Spray is ideal in interior rooms such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom as well as textiles such as fabric sofas, cushions or curtains. For sensitive materials, please test the product on a piece of material before use.


Set off on fresh, woody and mysterious notes with the Room Spray Fig & Sandalwood, infused with the Garnet gravel, great stone of anchoring, life force, courage and assurance.


Clear Spray Bottle of 85gr

Perfumes: Fig & Sandalwood

Stones: Garnet gravel


All Talismans Candles products are carefully prepared by hand using quality materials. Composed of a combination of denatured alcohol, iso propyl myristate and dipropylene glycol, it also includes Grasse perfume oils guaranteed to be free of phthalates, carcinogens and animal traces.

Sold with printed pouch.

Room Spray Fig & Sandalwood - Garnet Gravel

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